• Show up. Be you. Do Business.

    A program that helps professionals

    discover and develop their confidence.

  • Your self-awareness matters.

  • LIVE Program


    Show up. Be you. Do Business.

    Experiences create magic.

    The experience of YOU creates impact.


    The value others already see in you is what sets you apart from the pack.


    THAT is your Personal Brand.

    So how do you know what that value is? (Hint: it’s probably different than what you think.)

    In this program, you will:

    • Discover the unique Super Powers that make you a go-to in your industry.
    • Learn how to project your value and attract people to you by shifting out of sales mode.
    • Create cycles of collaboration that are intentional, productive, and results oriented.
    • Learn how to bring more to the table than just your brochures and tchotchkes.
    • Learn how to follow-up (or not) like a boss without wasting your or anyone else's time.
    • Be able to DIG effectively (Does It Generate?)

  • The experience of you matters.

  • Your personal brand matters.

  • About Angie and Robin

    Angie Pohlman

    Angie Pohlman, The Identity Archaeologist, works with professionals, coaching them on the fine art of building relationships, building a network, and finding common ground for collaboration with (and for!) colleagues and clients. Angie spent 17 years at the Heights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce, (a six-city chamber of commerce) with 14 of those years as executive director. Under her direction, the chamber won several awards, membership grew, and a culture of collaboration was built. Angie credits a background in theater for giving her the opportunity to know and love the many characters in our world, and the challenges they face.

    Robin Sacks

    Through private coaching, group training, and speaking, Robin Sacks provides a simple and humorous bent on Confidence, Stress Management, and Personal Branding. Her specialty is providing tools and thinking which allow clients to begin shifting their self-talk, body language, and "mental game" immediately, so that they can "get out of their own way" and authentically start to "level-up" beginning the moment they walk out the door. Robin has facilitated personal and professional development workshops internationally for companies including Microsoft, Panera, and American Greetings. Clients range from small business leaders to Fortune 500 VPs.

  • Interested in Hiring Robin & Angie?

    Robin and Angie Bring Value and Fun to Your Event, Conference, or Retreat.

    The program can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or breakout session.

    Reach out for pricing details.

  • Online Course Offerings

    We've been there! (and want to share what we know with you!)

    28 Ways to Focus, Connect, & Thrive

    When Things Aren't Perfect

    This is a “cut to the chase” personal transformation course that walks you through a process to become the best you…flaws and all.


    When you get a handle on your "inner idiot," you can have some fun putting solid techniques to work to relieve tension, increase your confidence, and create an environment where everyone can thrive.


    Let’s face it: at one time or another each of us has either felt like “an idiot,” and reacted to cover our own feelings of embarrassment or mediocrity, or felt as though we were dealing with “an idiot” and reacted badly to someone else’s faux pas.


    In the workplace, those reactions lead to hurt feelings, “parking lot” meetings, gossip, conflict mediation, and ultimately a decrease in productivity. In our personal lives, frustration leads to overreacting to small everyday annoyances as if they were personal attacks, escalating beyond what can easily be handled.


    The simple truth is every one of us has an inner idiot, replete with habits, quirks, obsessions, myriad styles of communicating and cultural differences. When you get a handle on your own inner idiot, you feel more in control and confident, people look to you as a natural leader, and you create environments of collaboration.


    This free course helps you to understand and apply 4 basic concepts that all success needs as a foundation:


    1. Motivation

    2. Habit

    3. Dealing With Your Stress in a Way That Serves You

    4. Other People (they are everywhere!)


    This short, free course is filled with thoughts, tips, and tools that will have you making little shifts that will make a big difference in your life.


    Forget about "big" change - little shifts, done consistently, have a huge impact!


    Don't take my word for it - jump right and see for yourself...

    Learn the Superpowers that set you apart from the pack (everyone's are different!). Get clarity on who you really are, what you REALLY have to offer, and how to show up with that authentic awesomeness, both in person and online.